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Surgical Oncology

Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital has emerged as one of the largest centers of Surgical Oncology in Uttar Pradesh and in North India. The cost of oncology surgery can be prohibitive for the economically under-privileged, the endless wait in the government system only forces them into the private healthcare sector, pushing them into acute financial distress.

At Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital and Regional Cancer Centre, we have a fully-functional, state-of-the-art Surgical Oncology center which is equipped with four major and three minor operation theatres to cater to the surgical needs of patients requiring abdominal surgery, mastectomy and Head & Neck surgery, addressing a critical need in the field of the Oncology care. Our team performed 494 major and minor Onco Surgeries which gave a new lease of life to its patients.

Division of Surgical Oncology developed in 2007, with the mission to provide quality care to the patient with solid malignancies. Quality care means full implementation of the steps involved with the care of the patient with cancer, i.e. screening and prevention, early detection, diagnosis, staging, local and systemic treatment, follow up and rehabilitation, and palliative care. The areas of special expertise include breast cancer, head and neck cancers, sarcomas, and cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, especially esophagus, liver, pancreas, and rectal cancers.

The surgical oncology department does all type of endoscopies (bronchoscopy, upper and lower GI endoscopies) for screening and diagnosis purposes, performs all type of major and minor cancer surgeries. In addition provide emergency surgeries & vascular access procedure (chemo port and Hickman catheter) for chemotherapy as routine procedure. Major plastic surgical reconstruction (breast reconstruction after mastectomy, mandibular reconstruction after jaw bone excision etc.) is also performed to provide functional and cosmetic wellbeing. The Division of Surgical Oncology provides surgical education and the majority of the index cases for the training of residents and students in the areas of Surgical Oncology.

With cancer treatment becoming increasing in the private healthcare sector and the wait getting longer in the government sector, we need to build capacity to provide relief to the economically under-privileged, so that they can find quality healthcare at  affordable and subsidized costs.

Major Equipment available in the Department 
Two Units of Cobalt 60 (Theratron 780-C) Teletherapy
Micro-Selectron HDR System with Ir-192 source – One Unit for Brachytherapy
3-D TPS – Nucletron DICOM network
Oncentra Treatment Planning System
Prowess Treatment Planning System
Mould Room equipment and accessories
Linear Accelerator (Siemens Artiste) with dual beam and electron
Octavius Detector

The Human Face of Cancer Care

There can be nothing more painful than seeing children suffer from cancer. Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital runs a free 12-bedded ward to mitigate the pain of families suffering from cancer. Known as Jawahar Ward for Paediatric Cancer, the ward was established and inaugurated by Sri. Rahul Gandhi, Trustee.  Food and medicines are provided free to all the children admitted in these beds.

Paediatric Cancer Initiative

Cancer treatment goes beyond medicines or even surgical interventions, more so when the patients are children. At Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital and Regional Cancer center, we try to bring back the smiles and keep the spirits high.

International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day was celebrated on 10th March 2018 with kites flying by children cancer patients, their parents, cancer survivors and staff in the hospital lawns. This was the fun filled celebration for the cancer children.    The theme for ICCD was Go Gold India – Mera Haq, Mera Bachpan, Mera Jeevan – I Deserve My Childhood, My Life. Children also made kites by themselves, which had above slogan written. This advocates the governments that “Childhood Cancer should be a Child Health Priority in India”.

The celebrations allowed the children to step out of the ward and into the sunlight. It may not have cured them but it did bring some smiles and made them forget their pain for a few hours.

Pain & Palliative Care Unit

A Pain & Palliative Care Unit started from December 2011 with an objective to improve quality of life of the patients at terminal phases. Total 1069 patients (New patients = 797) enrolled for treatment in the year. It included more rural (n=657) than urban (n=412) patients. 243 patients were given Morphine tablets.

Cancer Control Programme

Early cancer detection in a comprehensive manner has formed the basic functioning of the RCC from the very inception. It has been taken up in a systematic manner. In coordination with other NGOs and Community Health Centre, early cancer detection camps were conducted at hard to reach villages of Allahabad. Team of consultant screened the cases in the periphery and referred suspected cases to RCC KNMH. (Details given in Community Outreach Programme).

International Rose Day (September 21st) –

The Day marked with the concern and care for cancer patients. In collaboration with the Rotary Club Allahabad Elite, Roses, fruits and sweets were distributed to cancer patients followed by Public Function at the RCC.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October)

Breast Cancer Survivors’ day was observed in the Hospital with the assembly of treated and cured breast cancer patients.

National Cancer Awareness day (November 7th)

The Birth Anniversary of Madam Curie on November 7 observed by organizing a public awareness programme and exhibition. GNM students presented a skit on ill effects of tobacco. Pamphlets and hand bills were distributed.

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