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Rural Health Program

Rural Hospital

Continuing with past tradition of providing quality medical health to rural masses Kamala Nehru Memorial Rural Hospital known as Base Hospital, contributed its endeavor for the society at large with provision of Primary Health care at door step. It is located in the backward region of Allahabad catering to offer quality medical facilities to the poor rural masses at affordable prices.

During the year 4923 patients were treated for various aliments at hospital. It includes children of age group 0-6 year. 08 laparoscopic sterilization camps were organized during the year in which 16 women were sterilized. Pulse polio camps were held on regular basis as per government’s directives.       

  • As part of childcare, KNMRH provides vaccination facilities on all 06 days. There has been two fold increase in total number of children attended OPD and immunized this year as compared to 2016-17. Pediatrician from KNMH visited KNMRH on regular basis. All OPDs services are made free.
  • On Saturdays special clinics are organized. In addition to the services of Gynaecologist and paediatrician, free medicines are provided to the patients. Total 43 Clinics were organized and 1661 patients attended.
  • Cancer OPDs are conducted on Tuesdays with free pap smear testing facility. Total 08 pap smear were taken.


Facilities available.

  • Daily OPD services.
  • Fully functional Operation theater
  • Deep freezer & ice liner for vaccine storage
  • Pathology facility
  • Free OPD on Saturday
  • Cancer & Paediatric OPDs
  • OPDs by senior consultants of KNMH

Vaccination facility