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Research Publications

We Push The Boundaries

The team at the Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital has been doing exceptional research work in the areas of cancer care, maternal care, care management, social and behavioral sciences in health. Their publications and research work has contributed greatly in the fields of O&G & Radiation Oncology. Examples include:

  • Fallopian tube recanalization
  • Detection of IUGR by intrauterine fetal body weight estimation and role of USG in its management
  • High-risk pregnancy intra-partum fetal monitoring
  • Ultrasonographic detection of anomalies of head and spine and their management
  • Antenatal fetal monitoring
  • Performance on family welfare services over a period of seven years (1983-1989) at Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital, Allahabad
  • Clinical trial with 2 and 3 monthly net injection
  • Cervical dilation with PGE, GEL, Lamicel, and Isaptent to MTP in first trimester
  • Use of epidosin in active management of labour
  • Psycho-Social factors and family planning practices- A study of rural woman of Allahabad
  • Women’s changing self- perceptions- An Indian perspective
  • Management of hospital waste in Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital, Allahabad
  • Role of computerized tomography in diagnosis of whole body lesions
  • Dose reduction in LDR/MDR selectron, our experience
  • ICRU- 38 supported selectron dosimetry
  • Selection of Beam Portals in Brain tumor boosting: contribution of C.T. Scan
  • Role of CT Scan (CTW-700) in tumor localization in R.T. planning
  • Study of epidemiological and social factors for cancer cermize seen at Allahabad
  • Nutritional status of rural mothers and children at Allahabad