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Mission & Values

  • To be among the best regional destination provider of innovative and complex care in the country; affordable and accessible treatment to all section of the society, cherished by patients and valued by the community.
  • Balancing the continued commitment to the care of the poor and those most in need with the provision of highly specialized services to the needy.
  • To strengthen our relationships with other agencies and our community, demonstrating social responsibility through the just use of our resources.
  • To be an ’employer of choice,’ providing a highly rewarding environment for our employees

Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital is a community hospital dedicated to provide quality, value driven health, and affordable care to all we serve. Individuals within the communities we serve are assured access to quality health care, unparalleled service and patient experience irrespective of status, caste, faith or gender.

Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital is committed to offer comprehensive services in an environment where innovation and teaching are integral to care; where we are proud to serve patients; where meeting the challenge of complex medical needs is viewed as a defining competency; and where quality and safety of care are a constant.

Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital is committed to developing and maintaining preventive and primary healthcare practices, through health camps, in communities in an around Allahabad. The hospital constantly invests in assessing unmet and emerging health needs of the communities through its various outreach programs and formulates services and initiatives that can meet the community health needs.

Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital maintains high standards by delivering exemplary patient care, patient safety; recruiting and retaining excellent staff; providing leadership through innovative health care methodologies; offering technological advances and modern facilities. At the same time, striving continuously to improve the infrastructure, reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of health care services, with an emphasis on respect and dignity of the individual.

Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital’s vision of excellence and leadership is driven by its core values, which are shared by all the members of the hospital.

Our values are the guiding principles that serve as the foundation for everything we think, say and do. They are our organizational code of conduct and signify what we stand for. We refuse to be less than what these values represent. Any philosophy, policy, practice or behavior that is outside of these values is unacceptable and will either be improved or removed.

Caring: We do the Kind Thing

Every Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital staff member touches the lives of the patients and families in our care. We treat those we serve and each other with kindness and compassion and strive to better understand and respond to the needs of a diverse community. To serve our community is a privilege and an obligation.

Safety: We do the Safe Thing

Patients and families have placed their lives and health in our hands. At Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital our first priority – and the rule of medicine – is to protect them from harm. We believe that maintaining the highest patient safety standard is critical to delivering high-quality care and that a safe workplace protects us all.

Excellence: We do the Best Thing

In Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital, only the best will do. We work as a team to bring experience, advanced technology and best practices to bear in providing the highest-quality care for our patients and families. We devote ourselves to continuous improvement, excellence, professionalism and innovation in our work.

Integrity: We do the Right Thing

Our actions tell the world what Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital is and what we stand for. We act ethically and responsibly in everything we do and hold ourselves accountable for our behavior. We bring respect, openness and honesty to our encounters with patients, families and coworkers and support the well-being of the communities we serve.

– Pride in Performance –

We ensure for our patients:

  • The highest standards of clinical care.
  • Access to a dedicated well-trained staff.
  • Safe environment.
  • Medication safety.
  • Respect for right and privacy.

Our Objectives:

  • To regularly upgrade the quality of services provided by the Institution.
  • To provide satisfactory customer service through continuous improvements of service Quality.
  • Achieve, sustain and improve our reputation for excellence in medical treatment by using modern and effective methods.
  • Continuously exploring new avenues and extending healthcare services at door step through Community Outreach Programs.
  • To provide sustainable services keeping in mind the local and the regional requirements.