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Radiodiagnosis & Imaging

Radio-diagnosis & Imaging has become central to modern medicine and at Kamal Nehru Memorial Hospital, we have state of the art diagnostics which make us a cutting edge medical facility in eastern India.  The Department has the technologically advanced facilities. Its emphasis has been on innovation, upgradation and technical edge in tune with emerging needs. It has one of the most advance MSCT scanner (SOMATOM SENSATION-40) of Siemen’s make, commissioned for the first time in north India. The Department caters the diagnostic needs of all the Departments through a blend of radiological and imaging facilities viz. USG, Colour Doppler, 40-slice MSCT scanner, Mammography, 500 ma X-ray units and other diagnostic tools.

  • The Department has contributed substantially in clinical management of the patient by a well-knit and co-ordinated work culture. The Department functions 24 X 7.
  • In the year 2017-18, 26123 diagnostic procedures of various types were conducted, with the motto of service and quality work culture.


X-ray Section 

  1. 500 mA X-ray Unit with flouroscopic & under couch tube facility, Siemens Make.
  2. 500mA X-ray Unit with fluoroscopic facility Wipro GE Make.
  3. 100mA – Mobile X-ray Unit especially for paediatric care and the nonambulatory patients.
  4. New C-Arm installed in OT for diagnosis and therapeutic procedure in Surgery, , Gastroenterology, Neurology, Neonatology and Oncology

Imaging Section:

  1. Auto film processor with CR system from KODAK.
  2. Colour Doppler state-of-the art Ultrasound Unit with Multi probe
  3. Mammomat -3000 Mammography Unit.
  4. 40-Slice MSCT Scanner (SOMATOM SENSATION) of Siemen’s make.
  5. Two State-of- the-Art Colour Doppler USG machine with 3D/4D facilities apart from advance imaging techniques from GE:
  6. Voluson S6 Wipro GE 4D Colour Doppler.
  7. Voluson 730 PRO Wipro GE 4D Colour Doppler

New investigations added in USG, Colour Doppler : 

ANC-NT, ABD-ANC, ABD-Scrotum, Local Part, TVS, ABD-HR, ABD-Inguinal, Pic Line, Twin Peg, Axilla, Face, Soft Tissue, Carotid

Career Opportunity
For the young professionals who are self-motivated & dynamic ready to work for the society

Applications are invited for the post of registrar/ resident in the following specialty:
1. Radiation Oncology
2. Radiodiagnosis
3. Cardiology
4. Microbiology
Qualification: MD in respective specialty.
Specialization: Personnel Administration/Human Resource
Remuneration: Competitive compensation is subject to the skills and experience of the candidates.

II  I.T. Professional
Qualification: B.Tech (IT)/BCA
Technical Skill Required:
Databases: My SQL4/5, SQL Server, Oracle with ability to
understand/write procedures using SQL, knowledge of SQL
developer, TOAD.
Web Technologies/Scripts: AJAX, HTML 5, XHTML, CSS 3,
JavaScript, Jquejson, DHTML, XML/Web Services, XSLT, Soap,
Webservers: Apache, IIS, WAMP, XAMMP
Editors: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Text pad.
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Versions 10(starting from
Windows XP)
CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, knowledge and
experience of using third party Plugins.
Software: Microsoft Office with proficiency in Word, Excel and
PowerPoint. Visual FoxPro programming and database handling.
Knowledge of Tally ERP is desirable.

III Management Professional
Qualification: MBA
Specialization: Personnel Administration/Human Resource
Skill Required: Managerial Skill with good communication,
knowledge in Labour Law & its compliance etc., Proficiency in

IV. Engineering Professional
Qualification: B.Tech (Electrical/Bio-Medical)
Skill Required: Good knowledge in the specialty applied for,
with communication skills & Proficiency in computer.
Remuneration: Competitive compensation subject to skill &
knowledge of the candidate.
Candidate may send their CV at hos.knmh@gmail.com or to
Asstt. Director(Admin) on the above address.