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Gastroenterology unit added to the Department in 2013. The Gastroenterology Unit provides endoscopic and clinical treatments for patients. The most commonly-treated diseases in the unit are peptic and non-peptic dyspepsia, inflammatory bowel diseases, neoplastic diseases of the digestive tract, motility and functional disorders, pathological conditions of the small bowel, malabsorption and maldigestion syndromes.

An important part of the clinical services is sophisticated endoscopic unit, with upper and lower endoscopies, proctology treatments, endoscopic laser therapy, ERBE, etc.  Total 819 patients were seen in OPD, and 77 cases were admitted. The department is equipped with state of art Pantax 5000i series endoscopy system supported by Phillips C Arm and ERBE cautery, Philips Multipara Monitor.