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The Department provided support and coordination for all the major and minor surgeries, sedation and analgesia. Services extend from pre-operative anaesthesia to critical care and pain medicines. In addition, services were rendered for Radiotherapy, CT scan and Tubectomy camps in the Rural Hospital.  Anaesthesia Department is an integral part of the hospital and offers multidimensional support to general and cancer patients.

The Department extends help to all the major Departments of the hospital. In addition, facility is extended to the Base Hospital. It also provides specialized pain relieving clinic for the cancer patients.

Major Equipment

  1. GE Boyles basic Aneasthesia Apparatus, 7000
  2. 904E GE Health care Anaesthesia work station
  3. 9100 C Anaesthesia work station
  4. Anaesthesia ventilator, S/5 Light Cardio Cap 3800
  5. 8606800 Fabious Plus Anaesthesia Work Station Dreager
  6. Anaesthesia ventilator with Boyles Contro & accessories
  7. Stellar BP with dura sensor
  8. Capnograph
  9. Defibrilator
  10. Pulse Oximeter
  11. Nirugieal mask airways
  12. Ambu Bag

Type of Anaesthesia provided

  1. General Anaesthesia
  2. Local Anaesthesia
  3. Monitored Anaesthesia (MAC)
  4. Continous Epidermal Anaesthesia
  5. Regional Nurve Block
  6. Oral / intramuscular and intra vein pain killer
  7. Dispersable PCA Device

Career Opportunity
For the young professionals who are self-motivated & dynamic ready to work for the society

Applications are invited for the post of registrar/ resident in the following specialty:
1. Radiation Oncology
2. Radiodiagnosis
3. Cardiology
4. Microbiology
Qualification: MD in respective specialty.
Specialization: Personnel Administration/Human Resource
Remuneration: Competitive compensation is subject to the skills and experience of the candidates.

II  I.T. Professional
Qualification: B.Tech (IT)/BCA
Technical Skill Required:
Databases: My SQL4/5, SQL Server, Oracle with ability to
understand/write procedures using SQL, knowledge of SQL
developer, TOAD.
Web Technologies/Scripts: AJAX, HTML 5, XHTML, CSS 3,
JavaScript, Jquejson, DHTML, XML/Web Services, XSLT, Soap,
Webservers: Apache, IIS, WAMP, XAMMP
Editors: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Text pad.
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Versions 10(starting from
Windows XP)
CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, knowledge and
experience of using third party Plugins.
Software: Microsoft Office with proficiency in Word, Excel and
PowerPoint. Visual FoxPro programming and database handling.
Knowledge of Tally ERP is desirable.

III Management Professional
Qualification: MBA
Specialization: Personnel Administration/Human Resource
Skill Required: Managerial Skill with good communication,
knowledge in Labour Law & its compliance etc., Proficiency in

IV. Engineering Professional
Qualification: B.Tech (Electrical/Bio-Medical)
Skill Required: Good knowledge in the specialty applied for,
with communication skills & Proficiency in computer.
Remuneration: Competitive compensation subject to skill &
knowledge of the candidate.
Candidate may send their CV at hos.knmh@gmail.com or to
Asstt. Director(Admin) on the above address.