“Our marriage had coincided with new developments in politics…. My affection for her continued and even grew and it was a great comfort to know that she was there to help me… She gave me strength”.

Pt. JawaharLal Nehru

(From An Autobiography by Jawahar Lal Nehru)


“When she was only 35, my mother Kamala Nehru died in Switzerland on February 28, 1936 after a long illness borne with heroic courage.  During her brief life she had endeared herself to the people of India by her impassioned participation in the struggle for freedom and her dedication to the alleviation of human suffering, specially programmes for women, in spite of her own failing health”.

“In 1931, when those injured in the movement for independence were seldom admitted into hospitals, Kamala Nehru converted some rooms in Swaraj Bhawan into a hospital, with a ward and an operation theater.  She persuaded doctors to come after dark.  Her sustained interest and untiring efforts kept it going.  As her own health deteriorated, she often expressed the wish that if something happened to her, the Congress Hospital in Swaraj Bhawan should be enlarged and also that something more concrete and permanent should be established.  She had perceived the need for a special hospital for women and children”.

“So it was appropriate, that in proposing a Memorial worthy of her, Mahatma Gandhi and others decided to enshrine her memory for all times in the service of suffering humanity.  This is the story of the Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital, which started functioning on 28th February, 1941 the sixth anniversary of her death”.

Smt. Indira Gandhi


“I have a dream … ” was Rajiv Gandhi’s vision for India in the 21st century. Accordingly his dream for Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital was for it to grow into a ‘Centre of Excellence’ providing quality health care to all section of society with state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated medical team of highly skilled and qualified professionals. Towards this end in 1989, he laid the foundation stone of a modern medical centre which was christened the ‘Indira Gandhi Bhawan’ within the Hospital.

Sri Rajiv Gandhi