The Department provided support and coordination for all the major and minor surgeries, sedation and analgesia. Services extend from pre-operative anaesthesia to critical care and pain medicines. In addition, services were rendered for Radiotherapy, CT scan and Tubectomy camps in the Rural Hospital.  Anaesthesia Department is an integral part of the hospital and offers multidimensional support to general and cancer patients.

The Department extends help to all the major Departments of the hospital. In addition, facility is extended to the Base Hospital. It also provides specialized pain relieving clinic for the cancer patients.

Major Equipment

  1. GE Boyles basic Aneasthesia Apparatus, 7000
  2. 904E GE Health care Anaesthesia work station
  3. 9100 C Anaesthesia work station
  4. Anaesthesia ventilator, S/5 Light Cardio Cap 3800
  5. 8606800 Fabious Plus Anaesthesia Work Station Dreager
  6. Anaesthesia ventilator with Boyles Contro & accessories
  7. Stellar BP with dura sensor
  8. Capnograph
  9. Defibrilator
  10. Pulse Oximeter
  11. Nirugieal mask airways
  12. Ambu Bag

Type of Anaesthesia provided

  1. General Anaesthesia
  2. Local Anaesthesia
  3. Monitored Anaesthesia (MAC)
  4. Continous Epidermal Anaesthesia
  5. Regional Nurve Block
  6. Oral / intramuscular and intra vein pain killer
  7. Dispersable PCA Device

In the year 2017-18 anesthesia was provided to 3100 cases which includes 1467 Major, 760 Minor surgeries, 364 Cancer OT / HDR and 370 C.T. Scan/USG cases. Complicated case management included Toxaemia, Uraemia, shock, and severe dehydration, Heart diseases etc. These cases were given anesthesia under strict monitoring.

                                                         ANNUAL STATISTICS FOR THE YEAR 2017-18


Operation Total Sedation Spinal GA Short GA
 Major 1467 1237 230
Minor 760 550 10
Sub Total 2227        
Intrathecal/CT 370        
Cancer OT HDR 364 04 300 60
Minor/Biopsy 139 139      
Sub Total 873    
Grand Total 3100